Cartoon drawing of a bird dancing on a twig

Early Bird Dance ~

Start your day with Dance
with Winky Wheeler
7:00 - 8:15am*
Pre-paid packages available
* Adult only/not appropriate for children

Momentum Studio • 1028 SE Water Avenue #250 • Portland Oregon
(Note: The exterior doors of the building are locked at this hour. Please enter the building through Water Ave Coffee shop. The coffee shop is located on SE Taylor)

Wake up listening to your body, stretching into the moment and meeting your day in a new way. We arrive in silence, settle into ourselves and sink into the quiet. Beckoning us, the first notes of music tug us into motion as we find our dance and open to our day.
Held without spoken word, Early Bird Dance is a unique way to start your day and impacts the way we meet the inevitable challenges of life. Whether you’re a long time mover, or just wanting to get back in touch with yourself, this is a perfect place to develop, cultivate and deepen your inner connections. We've found, and dancers have reported that this simple practice changes the trajectory of our day, helps us stay flexible in the face of the unexpected and generally makes us feel better! It's so simple: start your day with dance and see what happens!
Bring your journal and a pen as the last ten minutes of class includes time for your writing reflections.
Perhaps you would like to join us?

About the Instructors

Photo of Winky
Winky Wheeler A life long mover [and night owl], Winky Wheeler is amazed by the impact of Early Bird Dance and delights in offering it to folks in Portland. A certified Soul Motion Teacher and committed movement leader for nearly 20 years, she continues to offer intriguing classes, engaging workshops and world wide events.

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