black silhouette of a dancer surrounded by poetry words

Soul Motion: Movement and Metaphor ~

An intimate look at the way words can be an inspiration for movement
with Winky Wheeler.
Tuesday Evenings: 5:30 - 6:45pm*
$15 - $20 sliding scale
* Adult only/not appropriate for children

Momentum Studio • 1028 SE Water Avenue #250.

We are currently playing with Mary Olivers Poetry as a point of inspiration for our movement sessions. The evenings selection is divided into individual phrases which are divided up amongst the dancers. We look at our chosen line as an entry point into the dance. How does this line strike us in the moment? Where does it land in our body and how would these words move us if we gave ourselves over to them? These are some of the questions we begin with as considerations for our solo practice. We also recognize that when we move together the poem is moving through us together. Once this is established, the music begins and we drop into the dance.
The Tuesday night dancers and I have found that opening ourselves to the power of words has infused these sessions with unexpected deepenings, and revealed new pathways to explore. If you’re curious about this process I encourage you to join us some Tuesday night. Dance and poetry await!

About the Instructor

Photo of Winky
Winky Wheeler sees inhabiting the body through dance as a powerful and transformative act on the path of self-discovery, personal change and fully engaged living. She delights in the way our dance moves us and influences the world around us.

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